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All Applications

  • Applicator pumps
  • Augers
  • Balers
  • Battery terminals
  • Bin Slides
  • Blades/cutters
  • Cab door hinges
  • Carts
  • Chains
  • Chain Saws
  • Combines and combine chains
  • Control Cables
  • Conveyors
  • Cultivators
  • Electrical connections
  • Fluid Handling Pumps
  • Fertilizer Spreaders
  • General tools
  • Gate Locks
  • Hedge trimmers and Clippers
  • Hinges
  • Hoists
  • Hose Reels
  • Inside Chippers Shredders
  • Irrigation Fittings and Equipment
  • Lawnmower Decks
  • Locks
  • Protection for equipment stored externally
  • Pruning Shears and Saws
  • Saws
  • Slides
  • Spreaders
  • Tailgates
  • Tools
  • Tractors
  • Tractor coupling gearing
  • Trailer bail and hitches
  • Truck Beds (before the liner is installed)
  • Winches
  • Plus more....


The use of Lantos natural lanolin products on Agricultural equipment helps to extend the equipment life cycle, resulting in significant cost savings. Lantos Coatings lanolin products form a protective barrier that inhibits corrosion on a molecular level. Lantos Coatings lanolin films will not evaporate, provide robust protection for equipment in use and in storage. It also protects equipment from atmospheric corrosion in the shed.

Lantos Coatings lanolin formulation is classified non-toxic, non-hazardous and environmentally safe. In harsh conditions it retains its film integrity and will not wash off, keeping chains and moving parts from binding or building up with dirt and debris. A high flash point, excellent water displacement, and dielectric properties upto 70kV make this suite of products a must for the farm.

Benefits: Equipment Longevity, Reduced Maintenance Costs, Reduced Capital Expenditure. Reduce usage of WD40.


Corrosion can be reduced by regular cleaning and good storage.Benefits resulting from thorough hosing down with water after use, and in particular from the removal of mud poultices, followed when dry by a generous application of lanolin grease or spray on fluid lanolins a temporary protective to moving, cutters, and other parts.

Spray spare parts for internal storage with Lantos Lanoseal LS773 to keep the moisture out. Lantos Coatings Lanolin products are safe to handle and use, Eco-Friendly. and Environmentally safe.

The use of Lanolube LL735  sprayed on chains and gearing will reduce friction and keep them well lubricated. Regular maintenance reduces running costs,

Use Lantos HT110 grease for nipple injection on areas closed bearings.



Pour Lantos Lanolube HG 735 into the intake, turn the pump over once or twice to make sure the liquid is filling all the interior. When it is time to use the pump again, it will be in perfect working condition. Maintain the exterior protection with Lantos Lanoseal LS773 robust exterior product


Many commercial chemicals are used in farming, including fertilisers, grain and silage preservatives, chemicals for pest, disease and weed control, and proprietary acid solutions for cleaning dairy equipment. Farm wastes and slurries can also be significantly corrosive. The chemicals most frequently damaging to farming structures and machinery, include acid preservatives and additives, certain fertilisers and manures or slurries.

Lantos Lanolube LL730 penetrates and Lanolube HG 735 lubricates the inside of the chain, frees up and prevents wear and corrosion. Lantos Coating lanolin products will displace any trapped water, leaving a film barrier for continuous protection with sufficient body to resist fly off and water wash off.


The wide variety of structures, machinery, and fittings employed for farming purposes makes it difficult to define precisely and concisely where corrosion can be most damaging. The situation is further complicated by the different types of environment (rural, urban, coastal), the local microclimate, the type of farming activity, the seasonal use of certain equipment and machinery and the methods employed for storage.


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The degree of corrosion of a metal is largely dependent on the environment in which it is put to use. The atmospheric behaviour of metals in wet conditions and in soil differs, therefore protective treatments must be chosen in accordance with environments. While it is appropriate to use temporary protection such as fluid lanolin's and natural lanolin greases which are natural corrosion inhibitors, it is more important to select materials which can withstand the type(s) of corrosion envisaged in a particular environment.


  • Whilst equipment companies do their part in reducing corrosion on tractors and farm equipment, how well you maintain your machinery will determine its useful life.
  • For machinery and equipment adequate cleaning and application of temporary corrosion protection with the use of inhibited oils and greases prior to storage in a well-assessed facility is important to avoid damaging corrosion effects.


  • Clean the machine after each use. Wash down using Lantos Citra-Prep C250
  • Store indoors. Storing machinery in a shed when it is not being used will keep it clean and dry.
  • Avoid parking on dirt. Store on the concrete floor. Dirt floors contain moisture.
  • Wash off chemicals. Corrosive chemicals such as fertilizer and pesticides should be washed off as soon as possible. Use Lantos Citra-Prep CP 250.
  • Apply Lantos Lantos Lanoseal LS773, can be sprayed or brushed directly on the disk blades, sweeps, plough bottoms or other ground-engaging surfaces.
  • Apply Lantos LG100 dielectric Lanolin Grease, around battery electrical terminals and inside the connector. Use Lantos Lanolube LL730 overall electrical cables to reduce moisture and corrosion.
  • Apply Lantos LG100 Lanolin Grease on shackles, wheel nuts, etc. as an anti-seize
  • Grease bearings. Bearings and other moving parts should be greased before the machinery is stored for the season. Filling the bearings with grease prevents water from seeping in and corroding the bearings. You can use Lantos Wheel Bearing Grease WB115.
  • Retract hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic cylinder rods on implements are subject to pit corrosion, or pits in the metal if left extended and stored outside for a season. Pit corrosion can tear out the seals on the cylinders the next time you use the implement. Spray the exterior with Lantos Lanolube HG735 for lubrication and protection.