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>30% more lanolin (Higher Lubricity)

Excellent Adhesion


Lanolube HG735
Code Pack Code Pack
HG735\PP-0300 300g Aerosol HG735\SP-0750 750ml Spray Pack
HG735\0005 5ltr Mini Pail HG735\0020 20ltr Cube
HG735\0200 200ltr Drum HG735\1000 1000 Ltr IBC


  • Appearance; Transparent honey coloured mobile fluid
  • Boiling Point Range: >250
  • Flash Point (°C): >125
  • Specific Gravity (g/ml): @15°C) 0.90
  • pH: Neutral
  • Viscosity @ 20°C: 40 cSt
  • Solubility in Water: Immiscible
  • Low VOC
  • Low Odour



  • Aerosols classed as Dangerous Goods-Flammable Goods DG Class 2.1 UN 1950
  • All other sizes classified as Non Dangerous Goods
  • Keep in a cool well-ventilated place
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Shelf Life - 5 years if kept sealed in controlled temperature enclosed environment,


  • Use LantosCitra-Prep 250 refer to the technical brochure on the levels of solution for cleaning


Long lasting robust protection in highly corrosive environments.

Lanolube HG735 is formulated using refined lanolins. Combined with a refined carrier, together they make a fluid that is highly effective against corrosion with higher lubricity.

Longer lasting with > 30% more lanolin, it will not dry out, it will penetrate to the base of all metals providing a corrosion protective barrier from atmospheric moisture, reducing oxygen levels, offering a highly protective coating solution.

Highly corroded or frozen parts such as nuts and bolts, shafts, hoist blocks and more....can be salvaged by spraying or soaking in Lanolube HG735.


  • Displaces moisture from surfaces protecting from salt and acid corrosion, unequaled washout resistance.
  • Protects, cleans, rejuvenates and extends the life of metal components.
  • Penetrates seized parts easing release and acts as superior anti-seize for longer working life.
  • Long lasting lubrication for all moving parts (Higher Lubricity).
  • Inhibits the corrosive action of fertilizer on metals by forming a film barrier over surfaces.
  • Protects equipment from atmospheric acid, alkali, and salt corrosion in harsh conditions.
  • Resists breakdown in high temperatures and temperature variation.
  • Protects electrical systems and circuit boards (Non-conductive film).
  • Non-Conductive to 70kV.
  • Food Safe.
  • Environmentally Safe.Can be used around waterways in all environments with confidence.


Lanolube HG735 Product Brochure - Click here

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Visit the technical page for additional support material, SDS and technical data.